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Are you looking for a way to effectively reach out to a large number of people at once? WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender is an excellent solution for businesses and individuals who need to communicate with a large group of people quickly and efficiently. This tool allows you to send a message to multiple people at the same time, without having to manually copy and paste the same message to each individual. It’s fast, easy, and extremely convenient.

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Import Export Contacts

Send Personalized Message

WhatsApp Group Grabber

Support Multiple Languages

Add Multiple Accounts

Complete Delivery Report

Schedule Campaign

Send Unlimited Messages

Watch Tutorials

1. How to Install Whatsapp Bulk Marketing Software

2. Dashboard & Main Features

3. How to Add a Whatsapp Number to Send Messages

4. How to Create a Contact List from Bulk Data

5. How to Send Bulk Whatsapp Messages

6. How to Set Welcome Message

7. How to Setup Auto Reply

8. How to Create Whatsapp Message Templates

9. Use of Unsubscribers

10. How to Use Whatsapp Group Grabber Feature

11. Reports in Whatsapp Bulk Marketing Software

12. Received Messages Feature

13. All Settings Setup

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many WhatsApp messages I can send per day?

We recommend: For Unknown Contacts: Start initially with 50 messages per day and after few days increase no. of messages gradually like, 100/day >> 150/day >> 200/day and so on..... Don't send more than 1000 messages per day from 1 whatsapp account. For Known Contacts: Send messages upto 5000 contacts per day. Note:- Our Software have no limitations on number of messages and number of accounts you use, we recommend this for safety reasons.

Can I send Photo, Audio, Video or PDF files along with text messages?

Yes, you can send any types of photo, audio, video or pdf files along with text messages through attachment option in software.

Will my number be blocked/banned if I will send too many WhatsApp messages?

It generally depends on how much regular activities on your whatsapp account, if you have good conversation on your account and you have incoming messages as well including with outgoing messages activities then there are no or rare chances of blocking. If your account is newly created or having less regular activities on it, then we recommend to increase it's activities first (1) by using WhatsApp Account Engager or (2) by joining some random whatsapp groups.

What are Anti-Blocking Settings?

In our software there are some delay time settings option, you can set them to prevent the chances of blocking.

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